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IM0 7113002

Suitable for:
-Hydrography from shelf to ocean depth
-Multi-disciplinary DP survey vessel
- Geophysics Survey
- Geotechnical Sampling
- Extended accommodation and survey laboratories
- ROV support
- KONGSBERG EM 300/EA 500 and EK 60 hull mounted systems

  • MV Jupiter is a 66m DP specialist hydrographic and geoscience ROV support
    survey vessel having a proven track record of hydrography, geophysics
    survey, ROV and seabed sampling and coring.

  • The vessel has been fully converted in 2002 for use as a multi disciplinary
    survey vessel, and can be used for multiple offshore applications.

  • The vessel has dynamic positioning and excellent station keeping, with
    four separate thrusters.
    The vessel has hull mounted Kongsberg EM300 multi beam, Kongsberg
    EA500 single beam transducers, Kongsberg EK 60 transducers, together
    with gatevalve/USBL positioning.

  • Multiple A-frames and winches allow easy deployment of towed geophysics
    equipment and deployment of metocean/ADCP systems, and seabed
    testing, coring and sampling equipment.

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