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10hp hyd power pack (1).jpeg

DLT Power Pack Unit, 10HP

Make:                DORMAN LONG

Serial No.:         D2311-L6-2-200E_1304_001

Motor Power:     7.5 KW

Power Supply:   400 V, 50 Hz

                         460 V, 60 Hz

Pressure:          200 BAR

Rated Flow@50Hz: 2x6L/min Cooler Power:              1.25 KW

Ctrll Voltage:     24 V(DC)

Dimension:       1.1x1.0x1.39xWxH m

WT(Dry/Wet):   0.68/0.75 Tonnes

Power pack with parker (8).jpeg

DIMO Powerpack installed with 3 PARKER PV270R1K1T1NFR1 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Power Pack Make: DIMO

Project Number: 266361

Production Year: 07/07


Pump Make: Parker

Model: PV270R1K1T1NFR1

Sr No: 10531569/002 , 001, 003

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